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Tuppenny Barn Organics

Tuppenny Barn Organics (TBO) is a not for profit organisation based in Emsworth, Hampshire, West Sussex.  We run a shop and vegetable bag scheme filled with a selection of organic, seasonal produce. Where possible this is harvested freshly from the field at Tuppenny Barn. It is topped up with organic produce from two other local suppliers.

All of the proceeds from these activities are used to fund Tuppenny Barn Education (TBE) the charitable wing of our organisation. We are a UK registered charity, whose purpose is to advance education in horticulture and sustainability in West Sussex, Hampshire and the surrounding areas.  We achieve this through:

  • Cultivating and harvesting organic produce, to create learning experiences for all ages that promote the benefits of growing, cooking and eating organic produce.
  • Providing facilities, information and advice of the benefits to physical and mental health through engagement in organic horticulture.
  • Our sustainable Education Centre used by the local community for meetings, lectures, classes and other recreational and leisure activities.

We are passionate about food and knowing where our food comes from.

At Tuppenny we grow our fruit and vegetables the organic way because it’s better for our health and our planet as it works with nature not against it.

Creating a better future for our children

There is a proven link between deprivation, poor diet and obesity. Healthy eating is one of the key ways in which we can reduce obesity rates, so our education sessions help teach children (and adults) the importance of cooking fresh, seasonal and healthy food.

We host trips for schools and colleges. Students experience a ‘fork to fork’ visit, where they can crop produce on site, participate in cooking seasonal produce and then sit down to eat it.

We also run after school clubs, work experience and Duke of Edinburgh placements and work with students who have special needs. During holidays we run workshops with an environmental theme, and Tuppenny becomes an outdoor classroom.

Inspiring communities to grow and cook their own food

We run a wide variety of educational experiences and activities for the wider community to develop their horticultural, environmental and countryside craft skills.

Improving wellbeing through horticulture

We have recently undertaken an exciting new project that will see us develop a Social Horticulture Therapy facility at Tuppenny Barn.

At the heart of Tuppenny Barn’s approach is the promotion of sustainable living in all its forms. This underpins all that we do and our aspiration is to be a beacon of sustainability for the community we serve.

Through learning about growing food, harvesting and cooking it, we want to help people understand where our food comes from, the nutritional benefits of eating fresh fruit and vegetables and give them the knowledge and skills to grow their own, prepare and cook healthy fresh meals.

Our vision is to create a better future for our children through inspiring communities to learn about sustainable and organic food.

Change Tastes Good

Change Tastes Good

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