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The Food Zones

The Food Zones Explained

How can we reduce the amount of energy, fossil fuels and resources it takes to feed us? Better Food Traders share Growing Communities’ vision of what a sustainable, resilient food system might look like in the future, based around a system we call the Food Zones.

The Food Zones map aims to show what we could be eating, how it should be produced and where it might come from if we are to meet the challenges of climate change and resource depletion and make our food and farming system fit for a future in which our supplies of energy and resources will be constrained.

The Food Zones shows what type of food could best come from where and starts to illustrate the percentage of our food we might aim to source from different zones.

We call this system of trade farmer-focused.

Farmer-focused means trading in a way that is driven by trust, responsiveness and flexibility to what farmers are able to grow whilst also protecting our earth, air and water.  A farmer-focused food retailer recognises that earth, air, water and living beings need to provide the limits to our consumption – not individual customer choices or business profits.

It’s based on human-scale, organic, mixed farms located in and around urban areas which are directly connected to the urban communities they feed and which enable those communities to source increasing amounts of food from close to where they live.

Through this system, we can source sustainable food while also creating jobs and community in both urban and rural areas.

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