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About Us

For twenty years, Hackney-based Growing Communities have been changing the food system. Their groundbreaking organic veg scheme, farmers’ market and growers apprenticeships are now feeding the inner city with local, delicious, organic fruit and veg. By paying a fair price direct to organic farmers, they’ve created a vibrant local food economy that’s good for growers, good for consumers and great for the planet.

They’ve also helped social entrepreneurs and community groups across the UK to set up their own community-led veg schemes.

Together, we’re the Better Food Traders – and our network is now expanding to support and amplify the voice of the nationwide movement of food traders who share our values.

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We’re working to make our food system more sustainable and resilient in the face of climate change. We work with people who are passionate about providing their communities with real alternatives that make a direct link between those communities and the people producing their food. Between us, we can share learning, inspire more people, give ourselves a louder voice and bring about more change for the better.

Julie Brown, Growing Communities

How we are fixing the system

Supporting local food schemes

Certifying Better Food Traders


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Get Involved


Whether you want to grow inner city veg, pack a veg bag or campaign – come and get involved in your local Better Food Trader!


Find a career that connects you with better* food, whether on farms, in bakeries, at schools or around the table.

Change Tastes Good

By swapping your supermarket shop for a Better Food Trader you are doing the planet a massive favour.

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