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A Better Food Trader is a food business trading for social purpose, not to maximise profit. This is a community of thriving enterprises, deeply connected to their customers using innovative ways to distribute and supply healthy and sustainably produced food.

Becoming a Better Food Trader gives your business a leg up, offering access to learning and development, experienced mentors in your field and surrounding you with a community of inspiring leaders in the sustainable food sector.

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Membership application guidelines

Application Process



Complete the membership application .  Unsure about the applications process? Contact us



Your application will be assessed, and if your business is eligible we’ll invite you to the network space and send details of other membership benefits. 

You’ll also receive an email inviting you to choose the cost contribution level that feels right for you and your business.



Once you are a member, we strongly encourage you to apply for Better Food Trader Accreditation. You will receive a link to the accreditation application and more information about that process. 


By working collectively we will not only make a positive difference to our individual organisations but we will also be able to offer a real alternative to people seeking to address the climate crisis through changing their food choices.

– You stop reinventing the wheel. You have access to an online forum where you can exchange ideas, solutions and share resources with other like-minded businesses and organisations

– You have access to free and subsidised advice and training

– You become part of a nationwide moment that provides a real alternative to the current environmentally damaging food system. We collect information from all our members, which we use to demonstrate our collective impact to customers, funders and policymakers

– Your customers will get the sense of being part of something bigger

The Better Food Traders  network is  growing and the need for farmer-focused retail is becoming more widely recognised. Although Better Food Traders is mainly funded by the Esmee Fairbairn Foundation – we want to make sure the work will continue to flourish by starting to share some costs between members.

We are committed to the cost being affordable for members, and offer a scale with suggested levels based on your turnover.  We invite more established businesses who can afford a higher contribution, to ‘pay it forward’ and subsidise opportunities for younger enterprises to join.  By July 2022 all existing and new members will be invited to donate towards the costs of running the network