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Blog 3

4 Ways to Make Sustainable Food Systems Better

When we think about better food, what often springs to mind is sustainable food. We might understand that sustainability is connected to environmental, economic, and …

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Blog 4

What is Better Food? | Belinda

  I wonder what it’d be like to work together to build a bigger movement? One that improves food for everyone, not just those with …

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Better Food Trader with flowers in her wellington boots

The Rise of Better Food

There’s a problem with our food system. Better Food Traders (BFT) know it, and so do the people joining our movement for better standards, better options, and a better understanding of the food-to-plate lifecycle.

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Trading for social purpose, not to maximise profits

1. Mission driven, trading for social purpose, not to maximise profit A Better Food Trader is governed by 9 principles that ensure the food they …

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Know Better Food

Know Better Food Get your friends or colleagues together to take action for people and the planet through food The Problem Our food system – …

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Know Better Food: Take action for a better food system with peer group power 

New Know Better Food training now calling for hosts to lead the pilot. Experience the impact of peer networks and learn to host in this …

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What to do with the carrots in your veg box?

Ethical, seasonal veg boxes in the UK go hand in hand with a lot of carrots. Carrots are one of Britain’s major root vegetables – …

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It’s time to commit to a better food system

  One of the many side effects of the current pandemic has been an extraordinary surge in demand for veg box schemes across the country. Like every …

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The value of local

As I wrote when the pandemic swept in, the uptake in our box scheme during the lockdown was extraordinary. Within two weeks from its start, …

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Change Tastes Good

By swapping your supermarket shop for a Better Food Trader you are doing the planet a massive favour.

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