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The power of small business networking

Sowing the Seeds: Growing your Sustainable Food Business Network

Growing your small ethical food company is an honourable but challenging thing. You’re going up against a profit-driven corporate food system that’s existed since the …

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Blog 8

Better Food Traders Matchmaking

Better Food Traders Matchmaking AT ORFC Connect with other radical food retailers, share problems, find solutions and learn from each other Drop-in ONLINE AT ORFC …

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COP26 failed on farming and agriculture

The big COP out on farming and agriculture 

  The latest draft text of the COP26 agreement is out and has been pored over by the media and every sector of industry. Amendments have …

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Agroecology in action

Agroecology: Planet-friendly farming needs to happen now

  Last month, we took a look at the National Food Strategy, which offered our Government a comprehensive to-do list for creating a sustainable food …

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National Food Strategy Part Two

National Food Strategy Part Two: Why governments and not individuals need to build a better food system

  Henry Dimbleby released the National Food Strategy Part Two in July, recommending a raft of radical actions that the Government needs to take in …

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Blog 9

What is better food | Surraya

This blog series is about widening the conversation about better food to understand different people’s take on the current system. We want to achieve our …

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Start conversations that change the food system

Do Better Food

Our food system – the way we produce, eat and buy food – is the single greatest threat to the health of our planet.

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The Better Food Traders team

The Better Food Traders pledge: Not on our patch

We are Better Food Traders.   We’re part of a network of fruit and veg traders who put our farmers, communities and the planet first.     We …

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Blog 10

What makes a Better Food Trader? 

The National Food Strategy is soon to release Part Two of its independent review into England’s food system – the first of its kind in 75 years. …

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Change Tastes Good

By swapping your supermarket shop for a Better Food Trader you are doing the planet a massive favour.

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