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Data Workshop: Demonstrate your social impact and find out how you compare to other Better Food Traders

You’re a Better Food Trader and you gave us your data, but what next?

Hattie, our Data Manager, will lead a 30 minute workshop introducing the Statistics Dashboard and the Better Food Traders Data Project. This tool uses data collected from your membership and accreditation applications to generate statistics about the network.

The Dashboard provides different types of information, from ‘sticky stats’ (did you know 0% of Better Food Traders produce is air freighted, supporting 129 UK agroecological farms?) to detailed comparisons of mark-ups, wages and volunteer hours.

This workshop will explore how you can use these types of information to demonstrate your incredible social and environmental impact and find out how other Better Food Traders fare in close comparison.


20/07/2022 10:00 am


20/07/2022 11:30 am


Virtual / Zoom


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