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Become a thought-leader, inspire your peers, make new friends, drive the change.

PLease Note: Sign ups for october 2022 training are now closed

The Problem

Our food system is destructive, the planet is at breaking point, and those in charge aren’t doing enough about it. The only way to make it better is to stop supporting industrialised farming and big supermarkets and start shopping for food that’s produced sustainably. This means educating ourselves and those around us on how to support an organic, local, sustainable and equitable food system—fit for everyone involved in the food supply chain.  

part of the solution

Research shows that information giving approaches to changing behaviour don’t work, and peer-to-peer methods are stronger. Do Better Food helps you invite your peers to take action together, because it’s more effective, and actually it’s way more fun.

It brings people together and gives them the tools and space to reflect on their relationship with the current food system. 


Do Better Food is a virtual peer-learning model that  arms individuals with the tools they need to not only make more sustainable and ethical food choices but to get out there and spread the word among their friends, relatives and wider circles.   

We’re here to train discussion leaders and change-makers (you!) to kick-start a food system revolution. It’s going to mean challenging your own values and the decisions you make around where you currently get your food from and inspiring others to do the same.   

The result will be tangible actions driven from the ground up that can help create a better food system for all—one that’s underpinned by ethics, not profits.   

What we’re offering

We believe that with the right tools and knowledge, anyone can inspire others. We will work with you to help you start important conversations about food, gain accountability and motivate others to change what they eat and where they get it from.   

We’re not talking about bone-dry seminar-style learning. We’re interested in the fun yet frank chats that happen between like-minded people over a coffee. It’s our job to help you facilitate those natural, inspirational and, most importantly, actionable discussions.  

what’s our plan?

  • We’ll provide you with a toolkit to host three sessions with 3-8 peers. This includes some activities, resources and support if you need it. 
  • We’ll train you up in coaching and facilitation skills so you feel confident and equipped to lead others in discussion.
  • We’ll connect you with others also running their own groups – you won’t be in it alone!
  • We’ll provide free access to resources that help you learn and share with your group. 
  • You don’t need to know anything about food systems, although if you do, that’s great too.


What actions can I inspire?

What can’t you inspire? You’ll be leading open conversations about supporting and implementing sustainable local food networks. The list of actions is as big as your collective imagination. Our relationship to food is both personal and cultural, so your peer group’s individual experiences and needs will shape the chats you have. A few core actions might be:

– Researching the companies who supply your food and shifting your buying habits as a result
– Lobbying local MPs, companies or your employer about their practices and policies
– Sparking more conversations with families, friends and colleagues and encouraging them to take positive actions
– Using and discarding less single-use plastic
– Cooking more from scratch using fresh, local, nature-friendly and seasonal ingredients
– Finding ways to connect with food that feel meaningful for you



"A cleverly put together virtual peer learning model that is ground breaking in its style and interactivity."

"Better Food was very revealing for me to examining my own food habits and choices I make about eating and spending on food.
I feel very privileged to have so many options, yet many don't and are not empowered to do so. This is why we must keep learning and sharing food consumptions for empowerment."

Change Tastes Good

By swapping your supermarket shop for a Better Food Trader you are doing the planet a massive favour.

Sign Up. Pick Up. Eat Up.