Enfield Veg Co.

Veg Scheme - Enfield, London
Enfield Veg Co.

Fresh garlic, beetroot and beans galore ready for the Enfield Veg Co. bags

Enfield Veg Co. is a veg bag delivery scheme run by staff and volunteers at Forty Hall Farm in Enfield. The Farm is part of Capel Manor College, London’s only college dedicated to land-based further education. Students from the College help out on the Farm’s market garden, while Farm staff manage the packing and delivery of the veg bags.

Our aim is to make locally-grown, organic produce more accessible to people living in Enfield. Much of the produce sold in our bags is grown on Forty Hall Farm, with other produce being bought in from local growers. We have been running since November 2013 and currently deliver to eight collection points across the borough of Enfield. Our customers sign up on a monthly basis and choose to receive a small, medium or large veg bag once a week.

As well as being one of the Growing Communities Start-Ups, Enfield Veg Co. has been supported by Enfield Council and the Greater London Authority as part of the Garden Enfield project, which has sought to promote training and employment within horticulture and food production.

Enfield Veg Co. – why we’re a BFT

We provide high quality fresh food that doesn’t cost the earth. Our produce is grown on our own site at Forty Hall Farm, which is certified organic. Additional produce is bought in direct from other farmers or from wholesalers – all are certified organic.

Forty Hall Farm has Sustainability Policy, which commits all our farm enterprises to using resources sustainably and in an ecologically sensitive way.

Enfield Veg Co. and the Forty Hall Farm market garden are both part of Garden Enfield, a borough-wide project seeking to promote training and employment within horticulture and food production in Enfield. The project is funded by the Greater London Authority.

Our veg scheme pays a fair price to producers while also making sure members pay a fair price for their veg bags. We do this by shortening supply chains and trading directly with the people who produce our food.

We want Forty Hall Farm to become a central part of the Enfield community – as a teaching resource, a local food producer and supplier and as a place where people come together to grow, eat and celebrate good food.

We frequently hold community events, open days and festivals, as well as running short courses. We have lots of volunteer opportunities for those wishing to get involved in our work.

Forty Hall Farm is run by Capel Manor College, the only further education college in London that specialises in learning about the environment.

The aim of the Farm is to become a centre of excellence that demonstrates and promotes sustainable food production.