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City Farm Shop

The City Farm Shop is based in the heart of Windmill Hill City Farm, a four-acre city farm that offers educational, recreational and therapeutic facilities and activities for local people.  You can buy fruit and vegetables and/or a veg box. Each pound you spend at our online farm shop generates revenue for the city farm and its services. Order by 3pm Monday to Friday for next day collection from the Farm. Collection outside these times may be available by arrangement.

The Farm has a strong environmental policy, and we play our part by using great local produce, some of it from our own doorstep and recycling much of the waste we produce, including adding to the Farm’s compost heaps daily.

We choose our suppliers based on how well they reflect the ethos of the farm, preferring to use local and small-scale producers, who pay attention to animal welfare and who respect the rights of their own suppliers through schemes such as Fair Trade. We also find that small-scale producers usually take more pride in their product and take a personal interest in maintaining the quality. As a City Farm that rears various animals, it makes sense to use suppliers that reflect the standards of animal welfare that we strive for here.

We provide opportunities for volunteers to get involved in the operation of the café, and value the contribution they make. Volunteer activity and community involvement are at the heart of the Farm.

We’re very lucky to have our café and shop in such a beautiful setting, and feel very aware of the importance of doing our best to limit our negative impact on the environment.

So to make sure we’re doing the best we can, we focus on sourcing, limiting waste and single use products, disposing of waste responsibly, and helping our customers to do their bit too.

We have a target to use just half a black bin bag of unrecyclable waste per day. To meet this, we have a sustainability strategy, with measurable targets that we work towards, and a monthly Operations Meeting with representatives from across the Farm, sharing ideas and successes between departments, and making small steps that add up to big changes.

Change Tastes Good

Change Tastes Good

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