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Going organic – what’s stopping you?

Going organic – what’s stopping you? 1

So we’re halfway through #Organic September, where the organic food movement persuade the public to make the switch. Over the years the Better Food Traders have persuaded the doubters, the worriers and the stallers. For those of you still unsure about going organic for your fruit and veg, here are five reasons for stalling and why you don’t need to any longer.

Local or organic? Which is better for the environment?

Both. Sorry. Local can mean grown in hot house. Organic means fewer pesticides and chemical fertilizers, better animal welfare, less waste, less pollution & the protection of local wildlife. No other farming system does more to reduce greenhouse gases.

Why don’t you let a box scheme do the heavy lifting on this one? This is because any organic box scheme, market, or shop with sound environmental credentials will be sourcing organic fruit and veg, as direct and local as practicable (no hothouses and short supply chains), while encouraging their members to eat seasonally and ensuring that the farmers are paid a decent income too.   

Organic is just for the well off

It doesn’t have to be but you’d be forgiven for having this assumption: mention the word organic and people can get lost in images of fresh faced food bloggers extolling the virtue of organic blue cheese from the safety of their designer kitchens. Again farmers markets and box schemes can be a good places to start for affordable organic veg.  Then (for the omnivores amongst you) combine this with switch to a more plant based diet  – start with going veggie for 2-3 days a week and build up to 5. You save money on the more expensive aspects of shopping (meat and fish) and more veg means it’s good for your health too: win, win.  

Will organic really make me healthier?

There’s some evidence however what seems to be universally accepted by the scientific community that it is a good idea to eat more vegetables. Joining an organic box scheme can help you do just that and in a way that’s healthy for the environment too.

I don’t have time or the skill to cook from scratch

Fear not… we have that covered too. There are 1000s and 1000s of recipe ideas out there. And if that is too overwhelming then start with the seven, brilliant, fast, staple recipes from Growing Communities: great for culinary brain freezes or vegetable mountains.

  1. Oven-roasted frittata
  2. Soupy stew
  3. Spiced veg fritters
  4. Rainbow stir fry
  5. Fragrant coconut curry
  6. Pick-n-mix Salad
  7. Creamy risotto

I can’t find any organic suppliers

Find a Better Food Trader near you or check the Soil Association 

Go on…what are you waiting for?

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