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Tips for building a new food system

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The Kindling Trust have compiled a handy a run down of tools, examples and organisations that could become the foundations for a thriving sustainable food sector, all of which featured at the Oxford Real Farming Conference this year.

One of the Better Food Traders, The Veg Box People, is a Kindling Trust project are a great example of local people taking back control of their food system by growing and sourcing local sustainable food for their community in Manchester.

veg box people Manchester

All of the tools and organisations the Kindling Trust mention in their blog provide solutions for disrupting the current dominant food system by bringing control back to communities and farmers and changing the way people grow, what we produce and how we buy our food. For instance, if we are to reduce our meat consumption we’ll need an alternitive source of protein. Growing more pulses in the UK for human consumption, which Hodmedod is pioneering, would be a great way forward. If we are to move away from the commodification of our food and pay farmers a fair price, we need to move away from supermarkets and towards buying more direct from farmers, and away from profit-driven models, which Open Food Network and the Better Food Traders are all about.

Read on to get the Kindling’s run down on organisations to follow and join.

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