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The Community Farm

The Community Farm is a not-for-profit social enterprise based in Chew Magna, Somerset.

Established in 2011, we’re owned and governed by 500 member stakeholders.

We grow and sell organic and locally sourced food and we involve people from our local community in growing and learning about the food they eat.

We supply fresh, local and organic food via an organic box delivery service, delivering to homes and businesses in and around Bath, Bristol, Frome, Weston-Super-Mare and the Chew Valley.

We also have a farm shop in Bath.


All of the fruit and vegetables we sell are organic, certified by the Soil Association (or the equivalent overseas).

We (and the farms that supply us) grow food in a way that supports nature; providing natural habitats and food sources for wildlife to help increase biodiversity. So while you’re eating well, so are the birds and animals around you.

Amongst the wildlife we see on the farm are tawny owls, skylarks, song thrushes, linnets, woodpeckers, buzzards, kestrels, swallows, hedgehogs and deer. We have even identified the scarce violet oil beetle!

We are committed to ethical trading

We make decisions about the products we sell based on where and how they are produced and what is in season. This means that we don’t automatically buy the cheapest, choosing instead to use suppliers that share our vision and aims.

Working with a network of organic farmers and food suppliers who share our ethics, we are able to provide a good range of local, organic and Fairtrade products for our customers, from Somerset salad to Fairtrade flapjacks.

Our profits are used to provide learning experiences for local children, adults and vulnerable people.

We provide hands-on experience of organic farming through:

School visits
Away days from work

The Community Farm attempts to lead by example by offering a beacon of hope in otherwise broken systems. We tackle many interconnected issues impacting our society that include and transcend food. We are driven to ensure that the relationships we have with the land, the wildlife that lives on it, our customers, our staff and volunteers, our producers and local community are equitable, respectful and joyful. We want to bring people onto our land to help them see the mutual benefits that appear from behaving in such a way, and to encourage the spread of those ethics in our local area. Healthy relationships bring health and happiness to all players. Just as we grow food, we try to help people grow, too. By being Good All The Way Through, we foster new connections and repair damaged ones while inspiring others to follow a similar path.

Change Tastes Good

Change Tastes Good

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