Sutton Community Farm Box Scheme

Sutton Community Farm Box Scheme

Sutton Community Farm is a community-owned farm, on a beautiful 7.1 acre smallholding with views towards the skyline of central London. We run a VegBox scheme supplying fresh, local, seasonal veggies across South London and East Surrey.

In 2010, local charity Bioregional carried out a community consultation which highlighted demand for more local food and a way to cultivate skills, get exercise and make new friends. We found a patch of unused land and then invited people to come and help out! Since then the farm has become a thriving enterprise centred around its VegBox scheme serving around 300 homes per week, as well as a recognised and valuable community asset supported by over 25 volunteers each week.

We aim to demonstrate a replicable, viable model of a farm that is representative of the food system and community cooperation we want to see all over the country and world.

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