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Regather Cooperative

The Regather fruit & veg box scheme delivers the best local, seasonal, organic produce direct to homes across Sheffield and surrounding areas.

Regather believes everyone should be able to afford decent food that supports local producers and doesn’t mess up the environment.

The vision of Regather is a mutual local economy where local producers are supported.

As well as the veg scheme Regather:

– supports social enterprise start up and development
– provides volunteering, self-employment and employment opportunities for local people
– provides services for community events and festivals in local parks
– hires catering kitchen facilities to local food initiatives
– hires dining and social facilities to community groups
– promotes low carbon and home energy efficiency measures
– runs cook and eat clubs offering affordable, healthy cooked food

We want to bring local people together to re-discover and celebrate the historic neighbourhood of Little Sheffield, be part of transforming and using of a listed building as The Regather Works social action centre, use a dead end street and under-used greenspace to grow The Club Garden public space and develop new ideas for social enterprise, community events and local

The mission of Regather is to give people the choice and opportunity to live, work and play co-operatively and create a mutual local economy.

Change Tastes Good

Change Tastes Good

By swapping your supermarket shop for a Better Food Trader you are doing the planet a massive favour.

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