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OrganicLea is a community food project based in the Lea Valley in north-east London.

We produce and distribute food and plants locally, and inspire and support others to do the same. With a workers’ cooperative at our core, we bring people together to take action towards a more just and sustainable society.

Our box scheme supplies communities in the borough of Waltham Forest.

We grow our own organic vegetables at our farm – Hawkwood – and source other vegetables as close to London as possible, ensuring minimum food miles and that everything is freshly harvested.

We support small-scale, organic British farmers and growers, including those working towards organic certification. We trade with farmers and growers directly: this shortens the supply chain, helps them earn a fair price for their produce and encourages sustainable agricultural growth.

OrganicLea is a not-for-profit, workers cooperative. The activities of the organisation are managed by workers directly. The money spent by our veg bag customers stays in the community. Surplus money goes back into furthering our mission of sustainable resilient food systems for Waltham Forest as well as providing training and volunteering opportunities.

OrganicLea’s vision is of a socially and environmentally just food system where the means of production and distribution, including access to land, seed and water are controlled not by markets or corporations but by the people themselves.

We are working to create just production and trading systems that provide a fair income to food producers and guarantee the rights of communities to access healthy and nutritious food produced using ecologically sound and sustainable methods, a food system existing in a wider context of social justice.

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Change Tastes Good

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