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Loveland Produce

Loveland is an 8 acre field in Penryn for everyone to enjoy. A place to reconnect with nature and each other through work, education and play. To grow, cook, and eat together. Encouraging small acts of local leadership, this is a space to make happy mistakes, learn by doing, dream green and make good things happen. Together, we are growing a rich, resourceful and resilient community that enjoys creating a positive future.

Producing sustainable food for the community has been part of the vision for Loveland ever since its founding. In November 2021, the commercial vegetable plots started to be created. Separate from the community beds, these plots grow food not-for-profit, to support Loveland. Whilst being coordinated by Finn, the project maintains the Loveland spirit by being community-led and requiring community involvement. The project offers an opportunity to engage with food growing and learn about truly sustainable growing methods.

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