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Locavore is a social enterprise based in Glasgow running a veg box scheme, market garden and shop.

We exist to help build a more sustainable local food system which is better for our local economy, the environment and our communities. We’re about making the money spent on food do more for the benefit of society and our environment.

We’ve been working with this brief since 2011 to develop ideas and practical solutions which can be used to deliver a better food network. Over this time we’ve got lots of people more engaged in thinking about issues around food, where it comes from, and the fairness and sustainability of mainstream supply chains.

We believe in a low-carbon food system which reduces food miles, industrialised processing and artificial inputs. We believe in working with farmers and growers that look after the soil, water and air which supports us and everything else.

Instead of food profits going to big corporations and their shareholders, we want your food spending to work harder for society. That means investing in local growers, paying fair wages (we’re a living wage employer) and developing other initiatives which help build a fairer and more sustainable society.

We believe in fairness. That means a fair price for the shopper as well as fair pay for employees, producers and farmers. It also means producing things in a way which is fair for society and the environment we depend on.

We believe in great tasting food and the importance it has on health and well-being in all cultures and communities.

We run and fund a number of community initiatives:

Our Good Food fund provides cash donations from veg scheme members with which we buy fruit and veg at cost price. The produce is passed on to our partner organisations who run emergency food provision and community meals.

Our Grow the Grower scheme enables keen gardeners to take their interest further and take their first steps into growing for profit.

Through our Power to the People initiative we are funding the ‘Befriending Food Experience’ project, which aims to both reduce isolation of older people in the community and provide them with fresh, nutritious food which has been cooked in their own home.

Everyone eats food, and the food we choose to eat has far reaching impacts which shape our landscapes, streetscapes and local economic situations. What we eat impacts our health, but also everything else in the world with issues as wide ranging as deforestation, climate change, animal welfare, public health, exploitation of the global poor and workers rights. It’s fair to say we have a lot more than food on our plates.

We think at the root of all these big overwhelming global and local problems is the basic model of the big corporations who run the food system. They exist to extract as much money as possible from customers for the benefit of their shareholders. With supermarket chains in the UK holding 97% the grocery market it’s not much of a surprise that things are in such a dire state.

Our ambition is to continue to grow and scale up what we do so we can trade in the same marketplace as the big corporates, but with our own values and for the benefit of society.

Change Tastes Good

Change Tastes Good

By swapping your supermarket shop for a Better Food Trader you are doing the planet a massive favour.

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