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Local Greens

Local Greens is a fruit and veg bag scheme based in Herne Hill. We’re a non-profit organisation that works with local, organic farms to supply weekly bags of seasonal veg to customers across Lambeth and Southwark. Our system is based on collection points, to minimize our carbon footprint and involve the local community. If you believe in fair wages for farmers, eating seasonally and supporting a better UK food system, we’d love to have you as a customer!

Our growers are passionate about harvesting great crops by working with nature and avoiding pesticides and herbicides. Many are based on small farms across Kent, and we aim to buy from UK farms as close to our London base as possible. These small farms put more back into the community than just the seeds they sow, as they often employ local people and contribute directly to rural economies. By buying from Local Greens, you endorse the philosophy that farmers deserve fair pay for their work. Their work is labour intensive, but filled with love for the land, their workers and ultimately you – the customer.

We guarantee our direct suppliers a market for their produce and ensure they get the best price for their crops. In this practice, we hope to change the price undercutting in which supermarkets and larger companies engage, almost always to the detriment of the farmer. We believe the food system should be sustainable for everyone involved, and for future generations to come. At Local Greens, we endeavor to make the supply chain as short as possible between the farmer and you. The partnerships with our growers is personal and built on mutual respect.

Community is at the core of everything that we do at Local Greens. As our name says, local is what we’re about! We employ local people on our packing team, and have a score of South Londoners as volunteers. We couldn’t get the job done without them. Our customers are the focus of our community and we are always happy for them to get involved, whether through volunteering, sharing recipes or collaborating on events. It is important for customers to know what and whom they are supporting, and the value that goes beyond their bag of veg. We often share stories and updates from our farmers and partners, as well as get involved in projects throughout South London. When you join Local Greens, you join a community aimed at changing the way food works and raising awareness for the greater good.

Local Greens supports many local initiatives beyond simply delivering veg bags. Any weekly surplus is distributed to the Norwood & Brixton Food Bank or the Brixton Soup Kitchen. We also supply food to local cafes and chefs with the goal of reducing food waste. We make appearances at local events and are always keen to support programs that share the message of change within our food system. If you’re involved in a like-minded business, we’d love to hear from you and explore how we can work together. Local Greens is also an accredited London Living Wage employer and provides veg bags to our volunteers for their helping hands.

Change Tastes Good

Change Tastes Good

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