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Local Greens

Local Greens is a not for profit weekly veg bag scheme run by enthusiastic people living in Herne Hill and East Dulwich.
We provide the local area with great tasting, seasonal veg from small organic or spray-free farms as near to South East London as we can find. The closest farm? Less than 11 miles away.
We have collection points in Herne Hill, East Dulwich, Peckham, West Dulwich, Brixton, Camberwell, West Norwood, and Crystal Palace, and will be adding more.

Buy from us and you’re getting:

Great veg grown with minimum intervention from farms who we work in partnership with
Minimum packaging and transportation so we can pay the farmers a good price for their produce
Collected by you locally – often on the day it was picked
Simple and as sustainable as we can make it.

We buy from small farms who are as local to SE London as possible. Our growers are passionate about producing great produce by working with nature and always avoid using pesticides and herbicides. Three are certified organic with the Soil Association and one is biodynamic.

The veg grown by these small-scale operations has particular environmental and social benefits. Small-scale operations tend to be more labour intensive than large-scale ‘industrial’ operations, which are more fuel and machinery intensive. They often involve the employment of more local people and contribute more directly to the economic and social well being of the local area.

When these farmers and growers can’t supply us, we use two organic wholesalers and always try and ensure the veg is as local as possible. If we can’t source it locally then we have a preference for organic UK veg. Only then when we really can’t get this will we look to buy European organic veg.

We guarantee our direct suppliers a market for their veg and ensure they get the best price for their crops.

The ongoing practice of driving down the prices paid to farmers and producers in this country and the developing world has lead to untold hardship and negative consequences for the local and global environment. We are therefore happy to pay farmers what they need in order to be able to produce food sustainably.

At Local Greens we have tried to make the food chain (i.e. the different parties involved in getting our food to us) as short as possible and have developed a personal partnership with our growers. Our members can also visit some of our farms so they can see their food growing – not that is local!

We involve lots of local people in the box scheme – as board members, growers, packers, members. When we talk about the scheme to people we are very clear that it is a non-profit scheme set up to benefit the community, and that we are very happy for people to get involved.

We share information about why this work matters with our members so that they can feel part of a movement to change the way food works. We aim to raise awareness of food security, food miles and the carbon footprint of food for consumers and the wider public.

We get involved with lots of local initiatives that spread the message about the need for change in our financial and food systems – from planting in local primary schools, to talks about the Future of the High Street and local food at Chelsea Fringe and Lambeth Poly – right through to our Redeem the Swede Recipe Contest, judged by the Observer’s restaurant critic and a feature writer, Jay Rayner.

Change Tastes Good

Change Tastes Good

By swapping your supermarket shop for a Better Food Trader you are doing the planet a massive favour.

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