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Lee Greens

Lee Greens delivers fresh organic vegetables to Lewisham and the surrounding areas every week and at an affordable price.
The Scheme also supports local farmers by ensuring a regular demand for their crops.
The Scheme will:

  • Support the local community not big business
  • Supply fresh organic produce
  • Conserve the environment by minimising food miles

Our customers are switching from supermarkets, farmers’ markets and national box schemes to organic vegetables supplied from local farms in the Kent and Surrey area – so consumption is much more local. We favour fresh seasonal produce when selecting for the veg bags wherever possible.

When we do need to purchase wholesale we endeavour to keep food miles to a minimum and to supply produce that is in season in those countries from which we import.

We are a not for profit scheme. We pay our suppliers a fair price for their produce without haggling and trying to cut their margins. We offer the bags for sale at a fair price to the customers – that is, a price that covers fair business costs and the real cost of the produce.

The salaries we pay to staff reflect the true cost of living in London (i.e. the London Living Wage) as a minimum.

We use local businesses and organisations as pick up points whenever possible in order to foster community and connection in our local area.

We like to get to know our suppliers, our pick-up point hosts and new and potential customers in order to build connections throughout the food chain, but we’re not averse to using social media to build community too!

By keeping the supply chain as short as possible; by making food ‘personal’ again and getting to know the people who are producing healthy, fresh, fabulous food on our behalf and by bringing together our individual desires for change, we are helping to make a dent in the traditional, damaging food system.

As our membership grows, our voice will get louder and stronger and the change we want to see will become inevitable.

Change Tastes Good

Change Tastes Good

By swapping your supermarket shop for a Better Food Trader you are doing the planet a massive favour.

Sign Up. Pick Up. Eat Up.