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Know Better Food

Get your friends or colleagues together to take action for people and the planet through food

The Problem

Our food system – the way we produce, eat and buy food – is the single greatest threat to the health of our planet. 

We are all stuck in this destructive system, damaging our health and our communities.

it is part of the solution

By challenging our behaviour patterns we can help make food work for the climate, for the people growing it and for our families and communities who rely on it. 


It is clear that real change is hard to make when alone. People rarely alter habits. But when people come together something shifts.

Know Better Food gives people the tools and space to reflect on what values they might place on decisions about food– not telling people what to do but exploring what’s right for you, your family, your community, the planet.

What if... we could use the power of peer-support to make a change?


We are in the process of piloting  Know Better Food, a peer-support programme to help people connect and take action. The pilot model is new and radical, but also tried and tested; Last year, Friends of the Earth used a similar model to support a peer learning network about ethical finance, with incredibly positive outcomes.

"A cleverly put together virtual peer learning model that is ground breaking in its style and interactivity."

"Know Better Food was very revealing for me to examining my own food habits and choices I make about eating and spending on food.
I feel very privileged to have so many options, yet many don't and are not empowered to do so. This is why we must keep learning and sharing food consumptions for empowerment."

- Know Better Food participants

What's Next?

We are gathering data to see if people really do take action during and after taking part in the sessions. Meanwhile we are still trialing and assessing this new approach and refining resources. 

By the time our first 20 trained hosts have recruited and run their own Know Better Food sessions, it’s likely over 80 people will have engaged in this process by the end of January 2021.

Get ready to discuss everything from navigating greenwashing and biodiversity loss to fair trade and the power of community. 

You will learn engaging online facilitator techniques using Mural,  Zoom, thought maps and blob trees plus more… 

To be part of the next
cohort contact:



Change Tastes Good

By swapping your supermarket shop for a Better Food Trader you are doing the planet a massive favour.

Sign Up. Pick Up. Eat Up.