Zosia is a Senior Manager of tech, distribution and sales at Growing Communities, which merges together pretty much everything she’s done before:

Before getting into food system change Zosia managed an agency that developed digital products and services for Twentieth Century Fox and Disney’s international marketing and publicity teams. That involved business management and development, sales, managing web projects and working with developers, branding and graphic design and even the occasional red carpet.

Seven years ago Zosia decided to put all that energy into food system change. working at OrganicLea for three years across various distribution, production and enterprise development roles while doing a level 2 Horticulture course and production traineeships. She also started working as a freelance grower on one of GC’s patchwork farm sites.


  • My own experience of choosing alternatives to BoxMaster/veg scheme management tools
  • Making the most of free tools like Excel to help with decision making and analysis, as well as developing more complex/advanced systems
  • Logistics management (distribution, deliveries, capacity)
  • Ecargo bike logistics (can share my learnings so far)
  • General organisational management, systems and planning